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GuoHui OPTO-electronic (GHOPTO) is founded in 2011 with over 20 years of advanced research and development experience in the design, development, and commercialization of imaging technologies such as P-i-N, QWIP(Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors), and other traditional Shortwave IR, Mediumwave IR, and Longwave IR imaging cores. This is in addition to an expanding new portfolio of emerging research and development into APD, T2SL, QCD, and CQD imaging capabilities.


Now as a leading SWIR technology company in Asian, the 14,000 square feet fabrication department operates in an ISO 9001:2008 certified fabrication facility that contains several III-V foundries with Class 100 to 100,000 cleanrooms for wafer fabrication, chip packaging, and device testing. GHOPTO’s engineering team can take your optoelectronics fabrication needs from process design, through development stages, and eventually to commercial production in-house. With our world-class design and fabrication facility, GHOPTO is ready to take your next project from design to prototype to volume production. 


We specialize in creating cost-effective solutions that meet our clients' specifications, timelines, and budgets in SWIR fields. At GHOPTO domestic and international clients receive full access to unrestricted performance and full supply-chain control: from the unprocessed starting material (usually epitaxy) to fully packaged production devices such as IR imagers/cameras, lasers, waveguides, and systems. 


GHOPTO is well known as the very first commercial InGaAs imaging manufacturer in China. Our technical team consists of top world-renowned experts from China and Canada, with headquarters in Shanxi Taiyuan, and branch offices in Wuhan, Beijing and Shenzhen. We truly believe research and innovation are the pillars of future growth. We also believe our research partnerships with several industrial-leading partner universities, as well as in the private sector, to efficiently and effectively drive technological breakthroughs in shortwave IR fields.

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