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The Role of Infrared Spectrum Sensor in the Internet of Things

The Role of Infrared Spectrum Sensor in the Internet of Things

The Internet of things is a technology that connects all items to the Internet through information sensing devices such as radio frequency identification and infrared spectroscopy sensors to achieve intelligent identification and management, which is another revolution in the information industry after computer, Internet and mobile communication networks.

1. Infrared spectroscopy sensor in the Internet of things has a wide range of application

In the Internet of Things, infrared spectral sensors can be used in large quantities to achieve the acquisition of object information. The pyroelectric infrared switch composed of pyroelectric infrared spectral sensors as the core can be used as an automatic induction switch for buzzer, incandescent lamp, dryer, automatic door and other devices in the civil field, especially for industrial and mining enterprises, high-end hotels, large shopping malls and other areas. In addition, this type of infrared image sensor can also be used for remote sensing, guidance, night vision, active radar, thermal imaging, gas analysis, radiometer, temperature measurement and other military and industrial occasions.

2. Infrared spectral sensors can obtain real-time merchandise sales records and remind replenishment

In the Internet of things, you can use infrared spectroscopy sensors to obtain item information, use electronic label records, and realize the precise location of items. For example, the infrared spectroscopy sensor detects whether the supermarket shelf has enough goods for sale, and when it detects that the goods are insufficient, through the subsequent signal processing, filtering, amplifying, driving the speaker to remind the supermarket staff to replenish the goods in time. Especially in IoT consumer electronics and electrical products, pyroelectric infrared spectral sensors have extremely wide application prospects.

3. The role of infrared spectral sensors in the Internet of things in the burglar alarm

Infrared spectroscopy sensors have been widely used in burglar alarm systems, and there are mature commodities in the market. A typical perimeter intrusion detection alarm system is itself an application of the Internet of Things in security. For example, infrared spectroscopy sensors can be installed on a factory's hazardous mechanical system, capable of non-contact measurement, giving a warning when a predetermined safety distance is exceeded, preventing people from getting too close to cause danger, protecting workers' health, achieving safe production, and saving production costs.

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