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CCD or CMOS, Which Is More Suitable for High-Speed Camera Market?

CCD or CMOS, Which Is More Suitable for High-Speed Camera Market?

CCD provides good image quality, noise immunity and flexibility in camera design. Although the size and complexity of the system are increased due to the addition of external circuits, the circuit design can be more flexible and can improve the performance of some special attention of the CCD camera as much as possible. CCD is more suitable for applications that require very high camera performance and less stringent cost control, such as astronomy, high-definition medical X-ray images, and other scientific applications that require long exposure and strict image noise.

Difference between sensor CMOS and CCD 

Sensor CMOS is an image sensor that can be produced by applying contemporary large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit production technology. It has the characteristics of high yield, high integration, low power consumption, and low price. CMOS technology is a technology that many image sensor semiconductor R&D companies in the world are trying to use to replace CCD. After years of hard work, as an image sensor, sensor CMOS has overcome many early shortcomings and has developed to a level that can compete with CCD technology in terms of image quality. The current level of CMOS makes them more suitable for applications requiring small space, small size, low power consumption, but not particularly high requirements for image noise and quality. For example, most industrial detection applications with auxiliary lighting, security applications, and most consumer commercial digital camera applications.

At present, CCD is still superior to CMOS in performance. However, with the continuous progress of sensor CMOS technology, noise and sensitivity have been greatly improved on the basis of its own advantages of integration, low power consumption and low cost. The gap between it and the CCD sensor keeps narrowing. Some people in the industry even believe that the future sensor market should be CMOS.

Which sensor (CMOS vs CCD) is more suitable for future needs?

The answer to the above question is obvious: there are many issues to be weighed and considered when choosing a certain chip. The selection of high-speed cameras should meet the requirements of the machine vision system as the standard; the selection of the machine vision system should be based on the requirements of the user's production inspection and working condition monitoring. Therefore, for machine vision systems and high-speed cameras, no matter which sensor is more powerful, their technological progress will undoubtedly greatly promote the development of the high-speed camera market and the machine vision industry.

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