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Industrial Vision Cameras Accurately Locate Target Users

Industrial Vision Cameras Accurately Locate Target Users

Industrial vision cameras are mainly for batch industrial applications. Different industrial vision cameras have a particular prominent parameter index that can meet the needs of different target users.

1. Features of industrial vision camera

The industrial vision cameras you can buy on the market generally have their own distinctive features: either the frame rate is ultra-fast, or the camera sensor sensitivity is ultra-high, or has excellent high and low temperature characteristics, or has a wide dynamic range, or can shoot multiple spectral bands at the same time, or can obtain additional light radiation information (such as polarization information) of the target. Even if its various performance indicators are not excellent, its small size and high cost performance can also be its killer. Even some industrial vision cameras are "obscure" from the data, but they can open the market only by relying on their unique work stability and software ease of use. Even if the price is high, they sell pretty well. The above-mentioned industrial vision cameras rely on their particularly prominent indicators (or selling points) to find the corresponding user groups to provide accurate services.

2. Industrial vision cameras in the field of industrial vision

From another perspective, it is not difficult to understand why every industrial vision camera has a "distinctive personality": the industrial vision field is a very fragmented market, and customers have a great demand for individual customization according to actual application scenarios. This determines that no industrial vision camera can cover the world. This is also the main reason for the so many brands and models of industrial cameras on the market. Under this circumstance, in the face of increasingly cruel market competition, only those industrial vision cameras that have a certain unique skill and can firmly grasp the market share in the face of a specific application demand can finally win and survive.

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