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Multispectral and Reconnaissance Applications of Short-wave Infrared Sensors

Multispectral and Reconnaissance Applications of Short-wave Infrared Sensors

Some unique characteristics about short wave infrared make it especially valuable in warfare. Short wave infrared and long-wave infrared are fused to maximize target detection and recognition. We will introduce the applications of short wave infrared camera in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, military and security systems.

Ⅰ. Multispectral application of short wave infrared sensor

Different from the traditional single wide band imaging technology, multi-spectral and hyperspectral imaging combines imaging technology with spectral measurement technology,  and the obtained information includes two-dimensional spatial information and spectral information distributed with wavelength, forming a "data cube".

The photoelectric mast of modern submarine requires multispectral imaging and the detection of short wave infrared sensor, which is very important but has not been used in near-infrared spectral imaging. Medium-long wave detectors cannot detect important features of targets at sea, and short wave infrared can assist the medium-long wave detectors to complete the task.

Short wave infrared is a useful complement to thermal imaging in enhanced vision and under poor visibility in inclement weather. Thermal imagers can detect a warm object on a cold background, whereas short wave infrared can identify what the object is (e.g., a ship, a vehicle, a person).

Being at the thermal intersection, details of the coast and water are lost in thermal imaging. Short wave infrared sensors can image reflected light rather than relying on temperature differences, so the shoreline images stands out. It also captures more detail than visible cameras because of its fog-penetrating ability.

Ⅱ. Short wave infrared sensors are used in armed transport vehicles enhanced night vision system

Armed ground transport vehicles (trucks, tanks, armored personnel carriers, multipurpose transport vehicles, etc.) that need to operate in darkness at night can use enhanced night vision system with short wave infrared lighting to drive in enemy range.

Unlike mid-and-long wave infrared, short wave infrared sensors can penetrate the windshield and therefore can be mounted in the cockpit. Short wave infrared cameras such as swir zoom lens can also be integrated and reinforced.

Ⅲ. Short-wave infrared sensors can observe through haze, dust, and smoke

Another advantage of short wave infrared is that it can produce images very similar to those seen by human eyes, which enhances identification and reduces potential friendly fire.

In addition, Transport vehicles equipped with near-infrared navigation lights can be easily followed by other transport vehicles. The photoelectric mast of modern submarine needs the imaging and detection of multispectral.

One of the most important swir imaging lenses technology that is not used is imaging in the near infrared spectrum. For example, visible light imaging usually cannot be observe objects through haze, dust and smog, while near infrared imaging can.

In this case, short wave infrared sensors have a better image. Short-wave infrared camera is suitable for tracking imaging of rocket, while visible light long-range imaging has the disadvantages such as atmospheric distortion and susceptible to haze. Short wave infrared cameras and thermal imaging cameras can observe hot air clearly.

Ⅳ. Short wave infrared sensors realizes maritime reconnaissance with reflected light imaging

An important difference in short wave infrared is that it uses reflected light rather than thermal imaging. The name of short wave infrared tends to lead people astray. It makes people feel that the short wave infrared sensor is similar to the long wave infrared sensor, which reflects the temperature difference of the object.

Therefore, medium-long wave detectors cannot see important features of a target at sea, such as the name of a ship or its features.

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