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The Conditions That HD Infrared Cameras Must Have and Their Buying Tips

The Conditions That HD Infrared Cameras Must Have and Their Buying Tips

Ⅰ. The conditions that high-definition infrared video cameras must have

Now with the increasingly tense security, the requirements for cameras are getting higher and higher. Take cameras as an example, not only must have high-definition, but also have good night vision function. Below we focus on explaining the necessary conditions for high-definition swir short wave infrared video cameras.

1. Sensing chip: The sensing chip is the eye of the camera. Without the sensing chip, the infrared video camera has no picture. Its quality also determines the imaging quality of the camera, especially the infrared camera is extremely important in the case of insufficient light.

2. DSP processing chip: DSP is like the "brain" of the camera. Its function is to control the CCD signal acquisition, and to perform spectrum analysis, digital filtering, and intelligent analysis on the signal. Therefore, the quality of the DSP processing chip also directly affects the effect of the infrared video camera.

3. Infrared LED fill light board: At present, the common infrared video cameras on the market generally use infrared fill lights with three wavelengths of light, which are 810nm, 850nm, and 940nm. Therefore, the required bands at night are different.

4. Lens: In addition to high-definition, an infrared lens with IR function should be selected for a lens, because ordinary lenses will cause the lens imaging focus to shift due to the difference between the visible light during the day and the infrared light at night. Therefore, when the focal lengths of the two are fixed, choosing an F lens with a small aperture will provide better light intake.

5. The shell of the camera: people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. Likewise, no matter any product needs a good casing, the infrared video camera ingaas is no exception. Therefore, the choice of a good infrared video camera casing material must be able to achieve waterproof, heat dissipation, anti-fog, dust-proof and other functions.

Ⅱ. Five points that you must know when buying an infrared video camera

1. Where to buy infrared cameras?

quality and stability. Because this type of camera generally works alone in deep mountains and old forests, it is inconvenient to install, and a detection cycle is about 3 months or even longer.

2. How far can the infrared video camera shoot?

This is a professional problem. Generally, infrared cameras can shoot objects within 1-3 meters clearly. If there are special needs, infrared cameras can be customized according to the actual needs of the project.

3. Can infrared cameras take color photos at night?

Infrared cameras can take color photos at night, but infrared cameras have an impact on the habits of animals when taking color photos, and are rarely used in scientific research.

4. Is the infrared extended ingaas camera the more expensive the better?

The quality of the infrared camera has little to do with the price; according to normal thinking, the expensive one must be better, but according to market rules, the agency + filing system, a certain range can affect its price, and it also has a certain amount of demand. Relationship.

5. What is the difference between the price of infrared cameras from two to three hundred to seven or eight thousand?

This is a difficult question to answer, because the previous article said that the more expensive the better, the cheaper the market factor must be.

According to exposure, the dismantled parts and B products (with defects, the quality of the big manufacturers are not acceptable) greatly reduced the cost, lowered the price of the infrared camera, and made up for the quality and stability.

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