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Classification, Characteristics, and Application Scenarios of Image Sensors

Classification, Characteristics, and Application Scenarios of Image Sensors

As the "eyes" of electronic equipment, image sensors have become the focus of market attention in recent years and become a hot field in the semiconductor industry. Currently, CCD image sensors and CMOS image sensors (CIS) are two commonly used image sensors. Today, let's understand the characteristics and applications of these two sensors.

The two main imaging technologies for image sensors are CCD (charge coupled device) and CMOS. Generally speaking, CCD has lower noise, better uniformity between pixels, and has a reputation for better image quality. CMOS sensors provide a higher level of integration, reduce the complexity of the work of circuit designers, and reduce power consumption.  

There are other image sensor types, such as NMOS sensors for spectroscopy, miniature photometers to provide sensitivity for infrared thermal imaging, and special applications may use photodiode arrays connected to custom amplifier circuits.


As a camera device, CCD image sensor has a series of advantages such as small size, light weight, low power consumption, long life, low working voltage, high sensitivity, high resolution, wide dynamic range, and high geometric accuracy of photosensitive elements compared with camera tubes, wide spectral response range, good shock resistance and impact resistance, and immunity to electromagnetic field interference.  

Compared with CCD, CMOS has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, and low price. Compared with CCD products, CMOS is a standard process. Existing semiconductor equipment can be used without additional investment equipment, and the quality can be improved with the improvement of semiconductor technology. It is worth noting that there are many CMOS production lines in global fabs, and mass production is also conducive to cost reduction.

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