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Industrial Vision Cameras Are More Highly Flexible and Customizable Than SLR Cameras

Industrial Vision Cameras Are More Highly Flexible and Customizable Than SLR Cameras

In the field of industrial imaging applications, the problems that need to be solved are very different, which requires industrial vision cameras to have a high degree of flexibility in order to cope with complex application scenarios. The flexible customization of industrial vision cameras is reflected in both software and hardware.

1. Industrial vision cameras in software

Almost all industrial vision cameras have matching software development kits, which contain functions to control all the camera parameters. When we write camera application software, we include the SDK into the program and call the specified functions to realize complete control of specific parameters of industrial vision cameras, such as exposure time, trigger mode and ROI.

SLR cameras generally only provide adjustment of basic functions, such as image resolution, shutter speed and gain, and the above parameters are set by manual buttons, and there is generally no automatic programming control interface.

In addition, with the advancement of technology, the camera function of mobile phones is becoming more and more powerful, and there is a trend to replace high-end SLR cameras. Compared with industrial cameras, the camera function of mobile phones tends to be "fool". Generally, the software automatically selects the best imaging parameters according to the lighting of the shooting scene, and packs them into different modes (such as "HDR",  "Portrait", "Night Scene", "Macro"), its purpose is to make it easy for non-professionals to use without worrying about complicated parameter settings.

2. Industrial vision cameras in hardware

In order to meet the needs of different industrial applications, industrial vision cameras also provide a wealth of customization space in terms of hardware, including lens interface, data interface, appearance size, high and low temperature performance, waterproof and dustproof performance. For example, for safety reasons, the swir imaging equipment needs to be deployed and controlled remotely. In this case, the network port industrial camera can be used; if the amount of image data is large and the real-time requirements are high, you can use Camera link, coxPress or Industrial camera with 25GigE interface.

For harsh application environment requirements, there are also corresponding special industrial vision cameras for selection. If the system working environment leaves less space for the installation and deployment of imaging equipment, then you can also choose a compact industrial vision camera, or even customize its special appearance shape to meet actual needs.

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