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Application Case of Short Wave Infrared Camera in Machine Vision

Application Case of Short Wave Infrared Camera in Machine Vision

1. Short wave infrared camera recognizes man-made materials

Because man-made materials have a unique way of reflecting in short-wave infrared wavelengths that will help distinguish materials that look similar to the naked eye in the visible spectrum, make it appear more specific type distinction in the image.

2. Short wave infrared cameras are used for fire fighting

Many substances have specific emissivity and absorption characteristics in the short-wave infrared band, such as snow, ice, various rocks, and man-made substances. In the process of image analysis, we are able to identify these substances by using the characteristics of short wave infrared cameras. Shortwave infrared can even penetrate some smoke and identify the fire point.

Whether it is forest fires, bush fires or mountain fires, once they lose control, they will cause devastating blows to local residents and natural resources.

Therefore, fast and effective fire detection short wave infrared camera is essential to protect infrastructure and ensure the safety of residents. Fires seem to be easy to spot, but there are often visual barriers, such as smoke obstructing firefighters' sight on the ground or in the air.

3. Shortwave infrared camera discovers mineral deposits

The infrared short wave makes it possible to accurately identify minerals. Depending on the mineral content, different components will absorb the amount of light waves, resulting in different reflectivity.

Visible light images can show mining areas, but cannot show valuable geological and mineral information. In the short wave infrared camera, the geological and mineralogical information is clearly distinguishable and can be used for geological interpretation.

The application of shortwave infrared images in the field of geology. According to the absorption of light waves by different minerals, different spectral lengths are reflected.

According to the wavelength of the short wave infrared camera, it detects substances containing l-OH, Mg-OH, Fe-OH, Si-OH, carbonate, ammonium and sulfate plasma groups, so as to determine which ores are in these mining areas.

Geological experts and mining operators often spend millions of dollars to find potential mining areas during the exploration stage. If short wave infrared images can be used, the potential mining areas can be narrowed before on-site inspections are planned, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.

4. Application cases of short wave infrared cameras for material sorting

Shor -wave infrared cameras are mainly used for two aspects in material sorting: classification of similar products and separation of heterogeneous products.

In the aspect of industrial applications, the main requirements are high efficiency, precision, and cost control. How to formulate solutions that are suitable for industrial applications and can efficiently embody near-infrared technology is of vital importance. In the process of formulating industrial inspection programs, the key technologies designed by infrared camera manufacturers mainly include: spectrum separation, spectrum calibration, sorting control, image recognition, etc.

Compared with the traditional sorting technology, the short wave infrared camera is high efficient, nondestructive, fast and simple.

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