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Introduction of Short Wave IR Camera Product

Introduction of Short Wave IR Camera Product

The short-wave infrared camera is a camera-based on indium gallium arsenide material and imaging at 900-1700nm. In a moonless night sky, the 1-2um near-infrared spectral radiation is much larger than the visible radiation. In this band, the difference in the spectral reflectance of the scene is greater than that of visible light. Therefore, the image contrast is enhanced, which is conducive to the detection and identification of targets. In the near-infrared region, the transmission performance of the atmosphere is good, so it can be irradiated with an eye-safe laser to increase the working distance.

The shortwave infrared sensor technology adopted by short wave IR camera can provide pixel resolutions of 320×256, 640×512; In addition, the integrated video processing algorithm and TEC cooling technology to reduce dark current guarantee the image quality. High frame rate output provides a smooth visual experience. The frame rate can be further improved in window mode.

1. Features of short wave IR camera:

(1) High sensitivity InGaAs focal plane;

(2) Available in 40x512, 320x256 pixel resolution;

(3) The spectral response range is 0.9um~1.7um, 1.1-2.2um;

(4) Constant temperature control of detector;

(5) There is an improved automatic gain contro;

(6) On-board non-uniformity correction;

(7) Automatic contrast enhancement (adjustable);

(8) Synchronous output of digital and analog video;

(9) Low power consumption;

2. Description of short wave IR camera characteristics:

The corresponding range of short wave ir camera: 0.9-1.7µm; Sensor type: InGaAs sensor, its quantum response efficiency can reach more than 80%. It can work under non-refrigeration, and TE1 and TE3 refrigeration are available. Cooling can reduce noise and detect weak signals. The product is small in size. Its interface is rich, there are usb, gige CL to choose from.

3. Application fields of short wave IR camera:

Laser analysis (pulse laser near field, far-field analysis, lidar, communication laser); Hyperspectral analysis; Laser interference imaging; Optical communication component inspection; Free space laser communication; Semiconductor inspection; Agriculture; Night vision monitoring OCT research.

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