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The Advantages of Short Wave Infrared Imaging

The Advantages of Short Wave Infrared Imaging

The region of short wave infrared wavelength is 1400-3000 nanometers, and the naked eyes cannot recognize these spectrum. Minerals, man-made substances and some other ground objects have special compositions, and short wave infrared can "see" this special composition, but the naked eyes and visible light and near infrared light waves are "invisible". Short-wave infrared imaging from professional infrared camera manufacturers has a major advantage unmatched by other technologies, that is, it can image through glass. For short wave infrared cameras, special expensive lenses or housings that adapt to harsh environments are almost unnecessary, which allows them to be used in a variety of applications and industries. This capability also allows short-wave infrared cameras to be installed in a protective window, which provides great flexibility when fixing the camera system on a potential platform.

There is another big advantage of using short-wave infrared imaging at night. The atmospheric phenomenon called night sky radiance emits light 5 to 7 times stronger than starlight, and almost all of this light is in the short-wave infrared wavelength region. Therefore, with a short-wave infrared camera, coupled with this kind of night illuminance, which is often referred to as night light, we can clearly "see" the target at night without moonlight and share this image through the network while other imaging devices cannot do this.

In the near-infrared, short-wave infrared and visible light range, it can ensure the perfect day/night camera solution. The china infrared camera has the advantages of high resolution, no halo and high sensitivity. Users can capture the "night light" in the atmosphere in an environment without a light source to obtain clear and visible images. Ordinary digital cameras cannot provide enough information to describe a scene all-weather, comprehensively, accurately, and reliably. It is easy to cause target loss and misjudgment, and all imaging effects cannot be compared with SWIR lens technology.

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