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Advantages of Infrared Security Cameras

Advantages of Infrared Security Cameras

The emergence of the security camera machine is definitely very topical, because security cameras in addition to the role of monitoring, also played a lot of security effects on it! In the security issue security cameras definitely a lot out. Normally we are in and out of hotels or supermarkets, will be in the corner or the top of the wall to see infrared security cameras, infrared security cameras allow us to work in our usual life, can be more secure, and can make some unruly elements leave a record of crime. Therefore, our life can not be separated from the infrared security cameras.

1. The principle of infrared security cameras

Infrared security cameras are mainly used in the dark environment without visible light or shimmering, using infrared emitting devices to actively project infrared light onto the object, infrared light reflected by the object, received by the security camera to form a video image. At this time we see the picture made by the infrared light reflection, rather than the visible light reflection into the picture, then you can capture the dark environment where the human eye can not see the picture.

2. The advantages of infrared security cameras

1) Infrared night vision technology, clear imaging. Most infrared security cameras use active SWIR technology, can cope with the complex monitoring environment, in the night vision, clear and bright picture quality.

2) The infrared security camera works covertly, not easily detected by the monitoring target. Infrared security cameras have a very high degree of invisibility in the work process, it does not occur any visible light source, not easily detected by the monitoring target, used in the community, there will be no light source nuisance problem.

3) Infrared security cameras are inexpensive and easy to install. Infrared security cameras at night through the lighting panel for the camera to supplement the swir light source, to be cheaper than low-light security cameras, installation is also more convenient.

3. The classification of infrared security cameras

Infrared security cameras are ordinary cameras and dot matrix infrared cameras, dot matrix infrared cameras than ordinary infrared camera monitoring distance, the picture quality is also clearer and more delicate, and longer life.

From the material, infrared security camera infrared light is divided into two types: LED light-emitting diode and laser infrared light, which is the most widely used LED class, cost-effective. LED class infrared light is divided into two types of red exposure and no red exposure, red exposure LED light will emit a dark red light under close observation. Infrared lights without red exposure do not have any light on the surface, so they are more covert and energy efficient, and will not disturb sleep when opened at night.

In addition, infrared lights have strict requirements for voltage, to try to choose AC 24V or DC one-to-one regulated power supply. If the power supply voltage is suddenly increased, it may cause the infrared light to burn.

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