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Application and Development Trend of Short Wave Infrared Sensor

Application and Development Trend of Short Wave Infrared Sensor

The application of shortwave infrared sensors is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Infrared radiometer: used for radiation and spectral radiation measurement.

2. Search and tracking system: used to search and track infrared targets, determine their spatial position and track their movement.

3. Thermal imaging system: The china infrared camera can form an infrared radiation distribution image of the entire target.

4. Infrared distance measuring system: to measure the distance between objects. It uses the principle of non-diffusion when short wave infrared is propagating. Because short wave infrared has a small refractive index when passing through other materials, so it is suitable for long-distance rangefinders.

5. Communication system: shortwave infrared communication is used as a way of wireless communication.

6. Hybrid system: refers to a combination of two or more of the above types of systems.

With the development of modern science and technology, the application prospects of the short wave infrared sensor will be wider. In the future development, its performance and sensitivity will also be greatly improved.

The main development trends of short wave infrared sensor are:

1. Intelligence: The current short wave infrared sensors are mainly used in combination with peripheral equipment, while the smart sensor has a built-in microprocessor, which can realize two-way communication between the sensor and the control unit, and has the advantages of miniaturization, digital communication, and simple maintenance. It can be used as a standalone module that works independently.

2. Miniaturization: an inevitable trend of swir image sensors miniaturization. In current applications, due to the size of the short wave infrared sensor, it is less convenient to use than the thermocouple. Therefore, the miniaturization and portability of short wave infrared sensors cannot be ignored on its development prospects.

3. High sensitivity and high performance: In medical area, especially in human body temperature testing. Short wave infrared sensors have been widely used due to the rapid measurement, but they are limited in their accuracy and cannot replace the existing body temperature measurement methods. Therefore, the high sensitivity and high performance of short wave infrared sensors are the inevitable trend of its future development.

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