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Camouflage Recognition Function of Short Wave Infrared Imaging

Camouflage Recognition Function of Short Wave Infrared Imaging

1. Short wave infrared imaging helps facial recognition

At border ports, airports and other entry points, biological recognition technology will play an important role in order to increase security. Fingerprints and other means of direct contact will become the ultimate personal identifier. However, at present, the effectiveness of the fingerprint database is restricted by the size of the database and the difficulty of obtaining a valid fingerprint. Therefore, most of the current recognition are facial recognition and photo matching for customs clearance.

2. Camouflage recognition function of short wave infrared imaging

One of the unique features of short wave infrared imaging is the ability to identify materials. Natural and man-made materials behave very differently in the shortwave infrared spectrum. For example, hair appears black in visible light imaging and white in short-wave infrared images. The wig appears black in both visible light and short-wave infrared imaging.

Another advantage of short wave infrared imaging is the ability to see through colored glasses and low-light environment imaging. Face imaging is still clear in various environments. It is worth mentioning that the existing visible light facial recognition algorithm can be directly applied to short-wave infrared face recognition without any modification. The former technological development has been very mature.

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