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How Much Do You Know about IR Lenses

How Much Do You Know about IR Lenses

The IR lenses use a special optical glass material and uses the latest optical design methods to eliminate the focal plane shift between visible light and infrared light. Therefore, light from visible light to infrared light can be imaged on the same focal plane, making the image all Can be clear.

In addition, the IR infrared lenses also use a special multilayer coating technology to increase the transmittance of infrared light. So a camera with an IR lens can monitor a longer distance at night than a camera with an ordinary lens, and the effect is better.

The IR lenses have a very wide range of applications. It can be used for special purposes corresponding to infrared and can also be used as an ordinary lens. In other words, depending on the use occasion, the infrared corresponding lens can be used flexibly with conventional color cameras, black-and-white cameras, and day-night conversion cameras.

The black-and-white camera does not have an infrared cut-off filter, but the spectrum of daylight also contains infrared light, so even in daylight conditions, the imaging of the black-and-white camera will be interfered with by infrared rays. Therefore, the corresponding infrared lenses can effectively improve the image quality.

Ⅰ. The role of IR lenses

In order to meet the needs of 24/7 surveillance, many places require cameras not only to complete surveillance tasks during the day, but also to present clear images at night.

Moreover, in recent years, industrial infrared cameras and infrared lamps have been widely used, and the prices of day and night cameras and high-definition color cameras have dropped to a certain extent, which also provides a large number of market opportunities for lens manufacturers. This is how the IR surveillance camera was born.

Ⅱ. The advantages of IR lenses

1. The infrared light of the IR surveillance camera lens focus is consistent with the visible light, and the imaging is clearer.

2. The IR lenses adopt the latest optical design and special optical glass material (LD optical glass) technology to eliminate the focal plane shift of visible light and near-infrared light.

3. The IR lenses adopt a special ED lens, and the IR surveillance camera solves the out-of-focus problem of ordinary electric zoom lenses under infrared light conditions.

4. The IR lenses use a special coating design and special optical materials, so that the light in the 350-950nm band can be well corrected for chromatic aberration. The IR infrared corresponding technology is also generated accordingly, and there is no need to turn focus for working 24 hours a day. Therefore, the monitoring system can obtain clear imaging with the assistance of infrared light source.

IR infrared lens technology is not a problem, and the price may affect its development. To be sure, infrared surveillance camera lenses will still be a product with greater demand in the next few years. Once the output increases, the compression of its cost will naturally affect the price reduction, and IR surveillance camera lenses will be the mainstream in the future.

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