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Brief Introduction of Image Sensor

Brief Introduction of Image Sensor

The image sensor uses the photoelectric conversion function of the photoelectric device to convert the light image on the photosensitive surface into an electrical signal corresponding to the light image. Compared with the photosensitive element of the "point" light source such as photodiode and phototransistor, the image sensor is a functional device that divides the light image on its light-receiving surface into many small units and converts it into usable electrical signals. Image sensors are divided into light guide camera tubes and solid-state image sensors. Compared with the light guide camera tube, the solid-state image sensor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high integration, high resolution, low power consumption, long life, and low price. Therefore, it has been widely used in various industries.

Image sensor, or photosensitive element, is a device that converts optical images into electronic signals. It is widely used in digital cameras and other electronic optical devices. Early image sensors used analog signals, such as video camera tubes. With the rapid development of digital technology, semiconductor manufacturing technology, and the Internet, the market, the image sensor manufacturers and the industry are facing the arrival of the era of video, audio and communication integration across all platforms, which outlines the beauty of human daily life in the future. With its application in daily life, it is undoubtedly a digital camera product, and its development speed can be described as changing day by day. In just a few years, digital cameras have grown from hundreds of thousands of pixels to 4, 5 million or even higher. Not only in developed European and American countries, digital cameras have already occupied a large market, even in developing China, the market for digital cameras is also growing at an alarming rate. Therefore, its key components-image sensor products have become the object of current and future industry attention, attracting investment from many manufacturers.

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