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The Application of Short Wave Infrared

The Application of Short Wave Infrared

The excellent imaging characteristics of short wave infrared make it suitable for remote sensing imaging and ground imaging. Whether it is remote sensing imaging or ground imaging, the good concealment, high resolution, and luminous imaging of short wave infrared can meet the needs of detection and tracking perfectly. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the applications of short wave infrared.

1. Short wave infrared can detect ground disasters. Due to the occlusion of smoke and dust, it is impossible to judge the effective information of the fire from the visible light. In the short wave infrared false color image, the pink part and some bright points are the fire areas. It can be seen from the comparison that the image quality of short wave infrared is much higher than that of visible light.

2. The swir short wave infrared remote sensing can also detect mineral resources on the surface. By detecting the difference in short-wave infrared radiation of each rock type, minerals can be accurately identified, and the subtle differences between the three wavebands that reflect short-wave infrared light can be enhanced, so that the image can be vivid in visual color.

Different minerals have different absorption of light waves, reflecting different spectral lengths. And according to the wavelength of the detected substances which contains different ion groups, we can determine the type of ore. The use of short wave infrared images can reduce the scope of potential mining areas before on-site inspection, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

3. In heavy industrial production, short wave infrared is often used to monitor and control the production process under special operating environments, such as using swir image sensor to detect infrared radiation emitted by objects with a temperature above 300°C. High-temperature imaging applications such as these include industrial furnace monitoring, glass bottle inspection, detection of slag impurities in molten metal, and hot mold detection.

4. According to civil research and user needs, SWIR image sensor can image at hundreds of frames per second or line rates of thousands of hertz to track fast-passing objects, like airplanes and their engine exhaust, or it can be used to analyze rapid temperature changes, such as temperature changes in a vacuum furnace. The use of short wave infrared in the light industry is mainly for the product production inspection, identification, sorting, and anti-counterfeiting, which includes circuit board defect detection, solar cell detection, and waste plastic recycling and sorting.

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