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USB Industrial Cameras Become the First Choice for Industrial Applications

USB Industrial Cameras Become the First Choice for Industrial Applications

Why is USB industrial camera the first choice for industrial applications? Let GHOPTO china infrared sensor come to popularize it for you.

Industrial camera is a key component in machine vision system, and choosing the right industrial camera is an important part of machine vision system design. Its most essential function is to transform optical signals into orderly electrical signals. With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial cameras are also developing to be portable, intensive, high-precision, and low-cost. USB industrial cameras, 1394 industrial cameras and gige cameras have gradually taken the dominant position of analog cameras and Camera-Link cameras, becoming the three major mainstream digital cameras in the industrial camera market.

USB industrial cameras mainly replace analog cameras, while 1394 industrial cameras and GigE cameras replace high-speed analog cameras and Camera-Link cameras.

The USB interface is the most widely used interface in the world, and the cost of its driver chip and driver circuit is extremely cheap. Therefore, the price of industrial camera usb is not only cheaper than the original analog cameras, but also cheaper than 1394 cameras and GigE cameras. At the same time, the supporting cables for USB swir imager cameras are also cheaper than industrial camera cables with other interfaces. Therefore, the overall cost of USB industrial cameras is 15%-30% lower than other digital cameras, and it is the preferred choice for most low-end industrial applications.

With the continuous development of technology, higher-end computers and electronic products have appeared on the market. Most of the interfaces of these swir ingaas products are USB3.0. Therefore, some associations are constantly pushing to upgrade the USB interface protocol. Currently, USB3.0 cameras have come out. Its transmission speed is five times that of USB2.0, reaching 2.5gbit/s. It is believed that in the next few years, USB3.0 will become the main interface of high-speed industrial applications.

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