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Does the Bigger Size of the Camera Sensor Mean It Would Be Better?

Does the Bigger Size of the Camera Sensor Mean It Would Be Better?

1. Is bigger camera sensor better?

In the past few years, the usage of full-frame photography equipment has increased significantly. When you are buying a camera, many friends online in different major photography forums seem to recommend you to buy a full-frame camera. We may wonder that is it really better if the camera sensor with a bigger size without consideration of its high price.

2. The larger camera sensor size, the better

The answer is absolutely right. Under the same condition, the bigger ingaas linear image sensor ensures better photo quality and richer details. Regardless of the differences in camera design and lens, in terms of the camera sensor, the camera with a larger sensor size will produce better photo assuming that the lens and light quality are exactly the same.

There is a reliable explanation for why the cameras with larger sensors are better. You can imagine a pixel as a bucket collecting light. Once it is full, it cannot contain more information. At this time, the size of the camera sensor plays an important role, because the larger the sensor, the larger the pixels on the sensor for each million pixels, and more light can be collected. The space between pixels is also important, because the closer they are, the more electronic interference between them, which leads to more noise. Sensors with larger pixels collect more light, and more light generally improves the image quality.

Larger sensor size of the camera means the larger image range. Take a full-frame china ir sensor rate camera and a half-frame camera as an example, with the same camera lens of 16mm focal length, the focal length on a full-frame camera is 16mm, but the actual focal length of a half-frame camera is 16mm×1.5=24mm. Therefore, the final camera images from the full-frame camera makes the photo with a wider angle.

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