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The Promising Future of the IR Video Camera

The Promising Future of the IR Video Camera

1. The bright future of the IR video camera

The study of infrared light has never stopped since its discovery in 1800. At present, a large number of applications have been developed from medical treatment, inspection, aviation to military and other fields. Infrared light can be seen almost everywhere. In recent years, infrared technology has been widely used in the field of security monitoring because of its ability to achieve clear picture shooting under a zero-illumination environment at night.

With the continuous increase of market demand, the security industry has ushered in a broader space for development. As an important application in the field of security surveillance, infrared surveillance is developing rapidly under the tide of the Internet of Things. As a front-end surveillance device, the development of IR surveillance cameras cannot bypass the eternal theme of security surveillance: networking, high-definition, and intelligence.

2. Increased market share of the IR video camera

Infrared camera manufacturers fit the special market needs of China. It is understood that IR video cameras are basically not produced in foreign markets. One of the reasons is that the IR video camera is a high-temperature product, which has potential risk factors in most surveillance environments, such as coal mine surveillance and industrial surveillance. The second reason is that the low price competition of the IR video cameras seriously affects the product service life. Based on the survey, the service life of ordinary IR video cameras is generally less than one year.

The short service life of the product might be more profitable for infrared camera manufacturers. However, it hurts the interests of consumers for end users. The IR video camera market is unstoppable, so infrared camera manufactures are continuously developing more cost-effective products.

At present, LED IR video cameras have the highest market share in the IR video camera market, but the majority of products can only reach the irradiation range within 100 meters. In terms of application, the IR video camera is mainly used in civilian fields. After several years of development, the IR video camera market is also continuously updated. Recently, there are laser night vision cameras on the market which can directly observe people and objects directly from the machine at night without visible light as in the daytime.

Laser night vision camera technology is different from thermal infrared imaging technology and low-light night vision technology. With thermal infrared imaging technology, only the thermal contours of people and objects can be seen rather than the true colors of the objects. Moonlight, starlight, and ambient light are required to see objects through low-light night vision technology. If there is no light, nothing can be seen. Although the target can be seen with infrared lamp auxiliary lighting, it cannot overcome the infrared light burst and cannot be concealed observation. It is easy to expose the target and the image is interfered with by light waves, it cannot achieve the same visual effect and clarity as a black light night vision camera.

There is still a long process of the development of infrared camera manufacturers. In terms of some functions, IR video cameras have their advantages. However, infrared camera manufacturers cannot sacrifice the service life of products. In the future development of IR video cameras, infrared camera manufacturers must solve the problems such as short life and poor heat dissipation of IR video cameras. It is hoped that security products of China can bring more practical functions to users under the premise of ensuring product quality.

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