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The Advantages of Short-wave Infrared Camera Fog-penetrating Technology Compared with Other Fog-penetrating Methods

The Advantages of Short-wave Infrared Camera Fog-penetrating Technology Compared with Other Fog-penetrating Methods

A good monitoring lens fog penetration technology can not only effectively remove the influence of fog, but also avoid color errors caused by excessive processing of certain scenes.

Compared with other fog-penetrating methods, the advantages of short-wave infrared lens fog-penetrating technology are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Strong ability to penetrate fog

The real-time video fog removal technology can accurately remove the corresponding degree of fog according to different depths of field. The traditional image enhancement method may have a better effect of fog penetration in the near field, but there is still a lot of hazy fog in the distant field;

The fog-penetration effect based on the image restoration method is related to the accuracy of the selected components. If the composition of the short-wave infrared camera lens is selected accurately, the fog-penetration processing effect will be better. The fog algorithm performance is not stable enough.

2. Good permeability

The image processed by the real-time video defogging technology is very transparent and has better contrast. However, other methods have residual fog due to inaccurate estimation of the depth of field, so that the image after the fog is not very transparent.

3. The short-wave infrared lens has a high degree of preservation of technical details through fog

The real-time video fog removal technology includes special processing to understand the details, so the image after fog removal can continue to retain or even partially enhance the detail information originally hidden behind the fog, which is also difficult to achieve by other methods.

4. The color saturation is high and the restoration ability is strong

The real-time video defogging technology does not change the hue of the image but only increases its color saturation. Other defogging methods may have the problem of tonal distortion.

5. It will not cause the image to be dark

The short-wave infrared camera's real-time video defogging technology does not appear dark in the resulting image due to its inclusion of brightness enhancement performance. Other methods may cause problems with reduced contrast.

6. Wide range of applications

Real-time video fog removal technology can also be used to process correct images, improve the contrast and saturation of the original image, and improve the transparency of the image. The short-wave infrared lens plays a role in improving the visual quality of the image.

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