SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Machine Vision

SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Machine Vision

Industrial Machine Vision cameras are the hearts of any vision system, no vision system is complete without it. For the last 10 years, Machine Vision industries have been reinventing itself to cope with the ever-increasing demands of manufacturing processes. From higher quality, higher speed, increasing complexities to cost-effectiveness. 

How SWIR Cameras Work in Machine Vision?

  • At that glass inspection stage, rejects are identified, then shunted aside and reprocessed efficiently, greatly reducing scrap.

  • SWIR camera can detect the imaging quality of laser spots in industry, like detect the centroid energy of the spot. 

  • Whether the laser spot meets the gaussian distribution and other purposes allowing operators to inspect both the interior and exterior walls of the bottle, as well as monitor the temperature uniformity and cooling rate of the material.

  • Objects may be the same color in the visible, but outside the visible wavelength band, their reflective properties can be very different. This enables SWIR cameras to detect the contaminants and allow systems to remove them from the processing line.

SWIR Cameras Image

  • Beam tracking

SWIR_(1).bmp          SWIR.bmp

                                  SWIR                                                                                               SWIR

  • Hot glasses imaging


                                  Visible                                                                                          SWIR

  • Human Identification

Human_Identification_Visible.jpg          Human_Identification_SWIR.jpg          

                                  Visible                                                                                          SWIR

  • Industrial Inspection


                                  Visible                                                                                          SWIR

  • Agricultural Inspection

Agricultural_Inspection_visible.jpg         Agricultural_Inspection_sWIR.jpg          

                                  Visible                                                                                          SWIR

Agricultural_Inspection_Visible.jpg         Agricultural_Inspection_SWIR.jpg          

                                  Visible                                                                                          SWIR

What is a machine vision camera?

Machine vision is the use of a camera or multiple cameras (mostly SWIR cameras) to inspect and analyze objects automatically, commomly used in an industrial or production environment. The data acquired by the industrial machine vision cameras can be used to control a process or manufacturing activity.

A lot of manufacturers and factories use automated machine vision camera systems instead of human inspectors to do the work because the camera system is better suited to mechanical inspection tasks. Machine camera vision systems works continuously. It can inspect hundreds or even thousands of parts per minute, and provides more consistent and reliable inspection results than human inspectors, thus manufacturers can save money and increase profitability. High resolution machine vision camera and high speed machine vision camera is their best choice.

Applications of Machine Vision System for Automatic Inspection Include:

Quality assurance

Robot/machine guidance

Test and calibration

Real-time process control

Data collection

Machine monitoring


Why Choose SWIR Cameras as Machine Vision Cameras?

Machine Vision cameras require cameras that can see the smallest defects, operate at fast frame rates, and image with wide field-of-view. Industrial inspection camera imaging also requires cameras with the lowest cost per megapixel.

SWIR cameras features indium gallium arsenide InGaAs sensors in a compact format suitable for machine vision.

SWIR camera delivers responsivity and low noise, and enables machine vision camera systems designers to inspect beyond the visible light range.

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