SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Security & Surveillance

SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Security & Surveillance

GHOPTO's short wave infrared (SWIR) cameras offer considerable benefits at facilities where atmospheric condition such as rain, fog and mist are common. These conditions typically blind visible cameras, but GHOPTO's InGaAs SWIR technology is capable of seeing through all but the most severe conditions to provide highly accurate images.

InGaAs SWIR imagers are complimentary to thermal imagers when it comes to vision enhancement and low visibility in poor weather conditions. Imagery in the SWIR is similar to visible imagery, in that it senses reflected light, thus interpretation and scene analysis is improved over thermal systems. 

One of the unique aspects of SWIR imaging is the unusual way in which natural and artificial materials appear in the SWIR part of the spectrum.Translating this to a border crossing or checkpoint situation, one can assume that anyone wearing a disguise as they approach the border has some form of criminal or even hostile intent. 

  • See through fog camera

Visible.jpg        SWIR.jpg          

                                 Visible                                                                                         SWIR

cisible.jpg         swir.jpg

                                  Visible                                                                                        SWIR


                                  Visible                                                                                          SWIR

  • Imaging Through Fog and Rain

Imaging_Through_Fog_and_Rain_Visible.jpg         Imaging_Through_Fog_and_Rain_SWIR.jpg


                                    Visible                                                                                       SWIR

  • See through smoke

See_through_smoke_Visible.jpg          See_through_smoke_SWIR.jpg


                                      Visible                                                                                     SWIR


  • Camouflage Detection

Camouflage_Detection_Visible.jpg         Camouflage_Detection_SWIR.jpg                                  

                                      Visible                                                                                      SWIR

  • Face recognition

Face_recognition_Visible.jpg        Face_recognition_SWIR.jpg

                                  Visible                                                                                          SWIR

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