SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Semiconductor Inspection

SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Semiconductor Inspection

Infrared security cameras use infrared LED (light-emitting diode) lights located on the outside of the camera lens, this is so that the light can capture the images even areas with little to no visible light. The infrared measures the heat emitted from objects in the focus range of the camera. That's the biggest advantage of IR security cameras. 

In the semiconductor inspection equipment, SWIR cameras can be used to inspect the quality of pure semiconductor material (usually silicon) after ingot growth. Furthermore, ingots that are subsequently sliced into wafers and these wafers can in a similar way be inspected for defects or cracks.

As the wafers are processed with successive layers to make transistors and memory cells used in modern integrated circuits, SWIR cameras are used to check alignment of the layers. High resolution scans of complete wafers are often accomplished with line scan cameras at the wafer defect inspection stage.

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